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Ways to help you stop smoking

I have taken some of my top counseling points and made them into blog post and through the ability to ask me questions I hope to be able to give response that are personal and specific to you.

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Blog posts

Find blog post about different aspects of quitting. From reasons to quit to the struggles of quitting, you can find a blog post to help you on your journey. 

Community conversations

A place you can be comfortable asking the hard questions and find people in similar situations to help you on this journey. 

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Who am I ?

The Quit Smoking Pharmacist

I have always had a heart for those who are trying to quit smoking. During pharmacy school, I helped start and lead a smoking cessation clinic at a free clinic. I saw the benefit that can come from combining nicotine replacement therapy with counseling. I have now been a pharmacist for 6 years and have had various patients who have asked for advice to quit and I wished I still had access to that program. I have been looking for a way to continue and expand the work I did in pharmacy school and I think this is it.

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