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Developing a Quit Plan

So, chances are if you have found your way to this site you are already interested in quitting. Your next step would be to make a plan. Planning ahead of time will give you a leg up on the process. It will not only show you a clear path that you are going to take but also set you up for how to overcome when the fight gets hard. I am going to lay out for you a 5-step plan. After I tell you the 5 steps, I will give you pointers for each step. Ready?


1. Choose a Quit Date

2. Determine your level of dependence and look at past quit attempts

3. Find your personal motivation to quit

4. Prepare for personal triggers and barriers

5. Pick the right Cessation aids

Ok that’s it!

But no really let’s look at these and really set you up for success:

Choose a quit date: easy right you are thinking well how about today? And my answer to you is, no! You want to give yourself enough time to psych your self up for this. I think the best window is at least 3 days from now but less than 2 weeks away. You need time to prepare, both mentally and environmentally. You want to make sure you have no cigarettes around; you know your back up stash in the freezer, yeah that one, it can’t be there. You are more likely to convince yourself to not smoke if you have to go all the way to the store to get one. Also, your favorite lighter, yeah you don’t want it to be lying around as a trigger, same goes for the ashtray. I hope you get the picture. The more you prepare a head of time the more success you will find.

Determine your level of dependence and look at past quit attempts: This step is one that is very important. Why did your last attempt fail? What made you start to smoke again? The list here is endless and is very specific to you. I challenge you to spend some time thinking about this and then think of how you can prevent that from happening again. Also, with this think of how much you are smoking. Are you smoking a pack a day? Do you smoke more while you are driving? Do you light your first cigarette before you even roll out of bed? This will also help in future steps. It gives you a real picture of where you are, which helps you see where you want to go.

Find your person motivation to quit: This could be anything, and I really mean anything. Here’s a list of reasons I have heard from people but there is NO WRONG answer here.

· Expecting a child

· Save money

· Overall health

· For family and friends

· Set a good example

· For your pet

· For your job

· And the list is endless

Prepare for personal triggers and barriers: Think back to step 2 and those would be a good place to start. Think of ways to avoid those triggers. And make a plan for what to do when you are triggered. Do you always smoke when you drink your morning coffee? Well then plan to do something else while you drink that cup of Joe.

Select the appropriate cessation aids: Stay tuned for my next blog post I will go into all the ins and outs of what is available and how to make the choice.

I encourage you if you are to the point of starting this plan send me a message, I would love to help you work through this plan and help you make a plan that is right for you.

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